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Will Rodriguez


"Through storms of mind and heart, always true north." -José Oliva

Over the last twenty years Will has been directly involved in state and local government. Will began his service by working on city council and state house races in Miami-Dade County. Starting as a Legislative Aide to freshmen House members and ultimately serving as Senior Advisor to the current Speaker of the Florida House, Will has seen the inner workings of the political process at the highest levels and everything in between. As a legislative aide Will became intimately familiar with the infrastructure of the political process in the state capitol. By learning the committee and budget process at the granular level Will was able to provide his members the most accurate and relevant information that led to many policy successes during his tenure.

Later in his career Will led the finance and fundraising efforts during the 2014-16 cycle for the Republican Party of Florida’s House Campaigns division, successfully raising millions of dollars for the election and re-election campaigns of all Florida House Republicans. The 2016-2018 cycle saw Will heading the entire political operation of the House Campaigns team under Speaker Oliva’s leadership. While continuing to raise millions of dollars towards the election and re-election campaigns of all House Republicans, Will and his team also managed the recruitment and retainment efforts for the operation by working closely with dozens of campaign consultants, polling firms and individual candidates to ensure the best possible re-election environment.

Most recently, Will served as Senior Advisor to the current Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives. In that capacity will managed the intersection where politics and policy inevitably meet, helping the chamber lead to what many believe was one of the most successful sessions in recent history. Will lives in Tallahassee, Florida with his wife Lesley and their three children, BreeAnne 16, Liam 10 and JonLuke 4.

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